Conny Janssen Productions is:

Photography productions from A to Z:

  • Photographer
  • Make-up artists
  • Styling
  • Casting
  • Decor
  • Postproduction

If you only want one of the above mentioned facets, we are also happy to be of service.

Events organization:

  • Booking artists and performers
  • Placement of DJs
  • Decors
  • Complete concepts

Casting director:

Casting from models to the most varying characters.

Conny Janssen Productions is:


Conny Janssen Productions is an initiative by Conny Janssen.

I would like to introduce myself:

I am Conny Janssen and have 15 years of proven knowledge and experience in producing photo and film productions and large-scale events, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

My specific experience – thanks to my long connection with photographer Erwin Olaf – has ensured that I have been able to build an extensive network of professionals. This allows me to easily switch on every level and every expertise and to open doors that would perhaps remain closed otherwise.

I have a real passion for my trade and am not easily hindered by objections. In fact, making the impossible possible often brings a smile to my face. I always safeguard the quality of every product and I provide the ‘best’ end result, together with my team.